Since 2004, BMS offers the best innovative media solutions all over Bahrain and the GCC. Our work is acknowledged to provide the most productive and efficient results by customers and professionals. This success is achieved through:

  • Dedication to our clients to produce the very best
  • Effective long term client partnerships
  • Ideas that create a great impact in awareness and response
  • Cost-effective advertising

Nobody counts the number of ads you run...

Our wide variety of services include media representation, media planning and buying, as well as printing productions.

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 Media Representation

BMS is the first leading company that offers megacoms and free standing. These advertisement mediums represent the latest and most effective media that gives a great impact to the market.

As new modes of communication continue to emerge, the visual media still plays a major role in the advertising campaign. Indeed, it allows to boost your communication by making people aware of your product or brand, all the more so as it retains 3/4 of its impact after three month.

Accordingly, our clients can choose among a broad range of products that include:

Megacom Megacoms
With more than 300 locations all over Bahrain, megacoms are considered to be the most popular outdoor advertising product among our clients.
Free Standing Free Standings
Looking for a different type of outdoor media? Placed in 4 strategic locations, free standings are the best choice.
Lamppost Lampposts
Lamppost are often appreciated because they allow to convey simple and direct messages, thus creating a greater impact on the target audience.
Roof-top Billboards Roof-tops
Most countries in the Middle East allow advertising signs installed on top of the roof of buildings. This serves as a reminder for media campaigns within a long period of time.
Bus branding Bus Brandings
Bus Branding represents an attractive option for clients seeking to increase brand awareness, since it  penetrates every part of the community.
Building wrap Building Wraps
Building wraps is another successful and innovative media that allows to convert corporate buildings into huge visuals and convey massive ad messages.
Mall branding Mall Branding
70% of purchases are done in the malls. That's why mall branding holds many ideal locations to promote your brand, such as entrances, food courts, escalators, elevators, and many others…
Unipole Signs Unipoles
2 unipoles signs on the Saudi Causeway have been recently installed.


 Media Planning and Buying

Having an exceptional advertising campaign is one thing, but putting it where your target audience can access it easily becomes an art that is more and more specialized. BMS is the intermediary between customers and newspapers in the Gulf region, India and Europe. It is specialized in getting to know your business, resulting in a targeted and effective media campaign specific to your companies’ profile and needs.

Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, we are able to publish your advertising anytime you want in this large choice of local and international newspapers:

If you are interested in our media planning and buying service, click here to view a collection of our ratecards.Our media booking service also include outdoor advertising media; you can view their locations and more detailed information here.


Printing Productions

As the famous advertising executive William (Bill) Bernbach beatifully said "Good advertising builds sales. Great advertising builds factories." And in order to achieve this "great advertising", BMS will assist you during all the phases of graphics project management and development from conception to execution. Our skill and real-world experience will offer you the best solutions.

Some of the projects that BMS have worked on are:

  • One Bahrain
  • Amwaj Island Project
  • SAMA Resort
  • Marina West
  • ZAIN
  • Bahrain Bay Prisma

BMS is also associated with Prismaflex Arabia that owns one of the most complete range of products for the Outdoor Advertising Market.